Beginning now through November 11, 2012, you have a special opportunity to provision select virtual machines from any of IBM’s Smart Cloud data centers at no charge.  This promotion will show you the value of the IBM Smart Cloud Enterprise without financial risk.

Cloud computing has reached a level of maturity and traction, capturing the imagination of enterprises worldwide. At the same time, savvy customers realize that cloud will play out over years. As such, customers are keen to align with a cloud provider that understands the strategic context of cloud.

There has never been a better time to test drive SCE or to select IBM Software Group solutions running on IBM’s cloud. During this promotional period, you will have the ability to provision the following virtual machines deployed at the Toronto (Canada), Raleigh (USA), Boulder (USA), Ehningen (Germany), Tokyo (Japan), or Singapore data center, subject to availability:

  • 64-bit Copper and Silver, and 32-bit Silver virtual machine configurations on IBM SmartCloud Enterprise
  • Virtual machines to run Linux (Red Hat or Novell SUSE) or Microsoft Windows Server 2003/2008 operating systems
  • 256 gigabytes of persistent storage
  • SmartCloud Application Services – Collaborative Lifecycle Management service (prerelease)
  • SmartCloud Enterprise Object storage (Available by request up to 100GB)

In addition, during the promotional period, you will have the ability to deploy selected eligible images from IBM Software Group on the virtual machines they provision.

With this promotion, you can request up to 100GB of enterprise-class object storage which allows you to upload files of practically any size at virtually any time, and access those files from almost anywhere. Object storage also comes with self-healing software that continuously monitors the data!

A first for the fall promo: you can experience the Collaborative Lifecycle Management Services (CLMS) capabilities within the pre-release of SmartCloud Application Services. CLMS is the first service enabled in IBM’s platform as a service (PaaS) offering — with more exciting capabilities to come — all designed to help you build, deploy and manage cloud applications quickly, securely and with more confidence.  Once you log in, you can use CLMS and get your development team up and running in minutes!

This is a great opportunity  to experience all that cloud computing and IBM have to offer, so don’t wait! For more information, review the flyer.  Then contact your  Flagship client representative. Or you can call Flagship Solutions Group at 561-208-FYI1 (3941) to get started.