Flagship Solutions Group is onsite today at the new Florida Polytechnic University, to welcome the heart of its datacenter, the high performance supercomputer.

Florida Polytechnic University is the newest member of the Florida State University System, scheduled to open in August 2014.  The college is strategically located in Lakeland, FL, on the I-4 high-tech corridor and will focus on STEM programs, specifically technology and engineering.

As a trusted technology partner, Flagship designed a state of the art, real world, world-class, supercomputer showcase that provides the college with sufficient capacity to run HPC workloads of varying types, as well as providing experience using the VMware hypervisor.  The solution was chosen for maximum efficiency and ease of management for the staff and faculty, and is expected to attract the top educators to the new campus.  The VMware cluster will run separately from the HPC cluster to provide a more realistic environment, similar to what the students will find upon graduation, making the graduates more employable.

Supercomputer Solution Specs

HPC cluster IBM/Flagship
Number of compute nodes 48
Memory per compute node 64GB
Total memory compute cluster 3.072TB
Required number of compute nodes 24
Storage interconnect InfiniBand
Speed of storage interconnect 56Gb/sec
Speed of data interconnect 56Gb/sec
Latency Lowest
Scalability High
Management software included Platform HPC
Storage software included GPFS
Storage scalability PB
HPC storage controller cache 16GB
Initial raw capacity 144TB
Number of racks 5
VMware cluster
Separate VMware cluster Yes
Separate VMware storage Yes
Number VMware nodes 4
VMware raw storage capacity 24TB
SSD capacity for VMware Yes
Amount of raw SSD capacity in total raw storage 2.4TB
Automatic tiering Yes
Initial system setup IBM/Flagship
To learn more, contact Flagship at sales@flagshipsg.com or call (561) 208-FYI1 (3941).