The Smarter Way to Manage Your Software and IT Hardware Maintenance Renewals

Leverage Flagship’s Managed SAAS to extend the life of your existing IT infrastructure, reduce ongoing costs, and improve productivity.

Gain enhanced visibility and control over your IT assets and associated maintenance services, licenses, and ongoing support contracts.

The Flagship Services team employs a three-pronged approach to providing best-in-class services & solutions: People, Analytics and Simplification

Flagship helps support our client’s IT and network infrastructure through comprehensive service contracts for hardware and software maintenance. Ensuring your investments are being properly protected is our highest priority.

With our Managed Software as a Service (MSaaS) solution for contract renewals, Flagship offers clients access to Renewalytics. This vendor-agnostic dashboard houses equipment and contract data, providing users with more intelligent and actionable views of their IT enterprise or data center.

With on-demand access to renewal analytics and proactive renewal notifications, businesses can make more informed and proactive decisions that help to improve productivity, reduce costs, and increase overall efficiencies.

Discover the Benefits of Flagship’s Maintenance Management Portal

Stay up-to-date on the status of your IT enterprise. Manage all of your IT assets, maintenance options, licensing, and support services – across vendors – from a single location.

Reduce Costs


Manage Upcoming Service Expirations and Warranty End-Dates

Manage and Validate Inventory

Free Up Internal Resources


Identify Opportunities for Contract Consolidation

Collaborate with Equipment and Contract Vendors

Avoid Lapses in Coverage | Identify Compliance Exposure


Forecast IT Maintenance and Replacement Spend

Remove coverage for equipment out of productive use

Included Features

Leverage Flagship’s long history of providing managed services to simplify customers’ IT Infrastructure and renewal processes to help ensure your investments are properly safeguarded. With this program, Flagship provides the resources necessary to reduce the tedious and time-consuming tasks associated with managing and tracking assets and associated third-party provider agreements. With Renewalytics, you have everything you need to make more effective, budget-conscious decisions.

Clients will benefit from the following program features:

Contract Advocate

At Flagship SG, our Contract Advocate service is designed to be your internal team’s ally in navigating the complexities of asset and contract management. Our specialists collaborate with you to streamline contract administration, ensuring you maximize the value of your investments and reduce data loss. With a dedicated advocate, you’re equipped to handle negotiations, hardware replacement options and renewals, and compliance with greater confidence and strategic insight, all tailored to your organization’s specific needs.

Proactive Inventory Assessments

Our Proactive Inventory Assessments offer a strategic advantage in IT management. By providing a detailed analysis of your computer hardware and software solutions, alongside their maintenance plans, we empower you to make informed decisions. This service is essential for verifying the accuracy of your inventory records, planning for future IT expenditures, and ensuring your assets are fully leveraged and aligned with your company’s growth trajectory.

Closed-loop Process for Moves, Adds, Changes (MAC)

Flagship SG’s Closed-loop MAC Process is designed to eliminate the complexities of asset management during transitions. Whether you’re upgrading systems, integrating new solutions, or reconfiguring your IT setup, our team manages every step meticulously. This service ensures your asset database accurately reflects current configurations and your operations remain uninterrupted during changes.

Renewalytics Dashboards

Stay ahead of your software and computer hardware maintenance with our Renewalytics Dashboards. These customizable interfaces give you real-time insights into the lifecycle of your IT assets, hardware warranty, maintenance contracts, and more, allowing for proactive renewal management. With a clear visualization of renewal timelines and budget impact, you can plan and avoid the pitfalls of unexpected service contract expirations.

Custom Fields

Custom Fields in Renewalytics are about adaptability to your company’s unique data tracking needs. You can define and capture information relevant to your operations, ensuring that every piece of data you collect serves a purpose and drives decision-making. By tailoring the system to your requirements, you gain clarity and control over your IT asset data.

Custom Reports

Our Custom Reports feature provides flexibility and power in reporting. Generate tailored reports that align with your business goals, KPIs, and operational focus. Easily export, print, or share these reports, enabling your team to access critical data and collaborate effectively, ensuring that everyone is aligned with the organization’s IT health and strategy.

Renewal Notifications & Alerts

With Flagship SG’s Renewal Notifications & Alerts, you can focus on your business’s core activities without the worry of missing critical renewal dates. Our automated system tracks contract end dates and sends timely alerts, ensuring you have the foresight to renew or adjust your third-party maintenance plan in alignment with your strategic agreements. Get updates for any repair service contract including periodic maintenance, technical support, and more!

Unlimited Users

Our Unlimited Users policy ensures that your entire team has access to the necessary Renewalytics data. There’s no gatekeeping or additional fees—everyone from your IT department to your financial planners can access, analyze, and utilize the insights provided to optimize IT asset management. Your whole team can stay up to date on your network equipment, maintenance plans, and contracts to streamline the tedious tasks of IT management so they can focus on your core business functions.

Consolidated Views of Your Inventory

Renewalytics offers a vendor-agnostic, consolidated view of your IT inventory. Regardless of the manufacturer or service provider, you’ll find all your IT assets and contracts in one place. This centralized approach simplifies management, eliminates silos, and provides a holistic view of your IT ecosystem, which is crucial for effective decision-making and strategy development.

Flagship SG Renewlytics- Your Trusted Software and Hardware Support Platform

At Flagship SG, our commitment to putting the client first is at the heart of everything we do. We understand that our success is measured by the success of our clients, which is why we are unwavering in our dedication to delivering excellence in managed hardware and software services. Our team of IT professionals is not just skilled; they are passionate advocates for your IT infrastructure, ensuring that every solution is precisely tailored to meet your business needs. With Flagship SG, you gain more than a managed service provider; you gain a reliable partner whose knowledge and drive are relentlessly focused on customer care and powering your business forward.

Choose Flagship SG, where your business goals become our mission, and excellence is the standard. Reach out to our customer service team today!

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