Boca Raton, FL – Sensus Healthcare has entered into a strategic partnership with Flagship Solutions Group in an effort to merge joint interests in IT solutions for the medical field and meet the underserved needs of the dermatology and radiation oncology practices in South Florida, the United States and the global arena.  As an IBM Premier Partner and a certified IBM Dynamic Infrastructure Partner, Flagship has attained a prestigious status which fewer than five percent of all IBM Business Partners are able to reach in less than two years.  They accomplished this distinction by helping their customers reduce cost and manage risk, doing so with high quality customer service and technical expertise.  Sensus is teaming with Flagship in providing world-class IBM solutions, products and services to its customers. 

“The dynamics of this partnership will have far reaching effects that will provide our customers with unprecedented advantages in the operations of their medical practices in the areas of increased productivity and lower costs.”  Joe Sardano (Chief Executive Officer, Sensus Healthcare) 

“I am thrilled to work with Sensus Healthcare.  Together we have the ability to provide the medical field with cutting edge technology services that will make it easier and more cost efficient for them to manage and grow their business.”  — Mark Wyllie (Chief Executive Officer, Flagship Solutions Group) 

About Sensus Healthcare:  Sensus Healthcare specializes in making proven non-melanoma skin cancer solutions more accessible to patients. Our dedicated low-dose superficial radiation therapy (SRT) systems are designed specifically to provide an alternative to surgical procedures for basal cell and squamous cell carcinomas. Our mobile, compact SRT-100™ systems are used widely by oncologists and dermatologists to bring non-melanoma skin cancer treatment to more patients in more settings. We also offer a professional skin care line, Sensus Skin Solutions™, through our physician SRT-100™ users for their patients. 

About Flagship Solutions Group:  In today’s financial climate, IT infrastructure is more critical than ever, particularly how it relates to business efficiency and expenditures. Flagship Solutions Group provides data center strategic planning & implementation based on a wide range of datacenter assessments that look at virtualization, server consolidation, infrastructure and security. Flagship has built strong partner relationships with industry leading IT companies in order to bring their clients best-in-class technology solutions and services. Together with partners, they seek to find high-growth opportunities, reduce the cost of development and drive new sources of innovation. 

For more information, visit,  or call 561.208.FYI1 (3941).

At Sensus Healthcare, you can contact Vicky Perez, Public Relations,,  561-922-5808 Ext 108