According to Gartner…

“Organizations with security budgets of $10 million or more use an average of 13 security vendors (the average across all enterprises is about 9 vendors), too high a number for most organizations. Indeed, about 90% of surveyed enterprises plan to consolidate the number of security vendors they use in the next 12 to 18 months.”

Gartner also defines the Endpoint Detection and Response Market as solutions that have the following four primary capabilities:

  • Detection of Security Incidents
  • Containment of the incident at the endpoint
  • Investigation of  security incidents
  • Remediation of endpoints to the pre-infection state

IBM BigFix Detect is the complete EDR (Endpoint Detection and Response) solution to this problem. Using BigFix Detect, organizations can reduce the number of security vendors they require by consolidating EDR, patching, software distribution, assets discovery endpoint interrogation and more, through a single console and infrastructure.

IBM BigFix Detect provides:

  • Endpoint detection and response to identity and stop new threats
  • Detection for malicious behavior via deep endpoint visibility and threat intelligence
  • Infection remediation and applies critical fixes / updates immediately
  • Reduction in the endpoint attack surface by continuous enforcement and compliance of security, regulatory and operation policies

Today’s market is flooded by 30+ “next gen” vendors providing a fraction of what BigFix Detect offers. Most of these point solutions do not integrate well with other solutions creating an environment almost “unmanageable”.

BigFix Detect brings the “Power of the Platform”:

  • See Clearly – Discover and audit all endpoints on and off the network- Detect evasive attacks with behavioral analytics
  • Understand Completely – Guided investigations too define the scope of detected attacks – define exactly what actions to take
  • Act Precisely – Immediately contain and remediate

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IBM's integrated solutions harness security-relevant information from across your organization, and use analytics and automation to provide context and help you detect threats faster, identify vulnerabilities, prioritize risks, perform forensics analysis and automate compliance activities. 

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