Attend our IBM Cloud event. What does it mean to perform without limits? It means to go beyond what is expected and achieve the extraordinary. It’s the ability to harness innovation and knowledge to drive the “art of the possible” in order to achieve results and target new markets in a manner you never imagined.

Join us at the Florida International University Kovens Conference Center on September 13th, where we will discuss how IBM Cloud can power innovation and build your enterprise. Our exclusive client briefing will be hosted by Angel Diaz, Vice President, Cloud Architecture & Technology and include Joe Weinman, author of Cloudonomics and Digital Disciplines , as well as Mark Wyllie, CEO, Flagship Solutions Group.


Tuesday, September 13, 2016


9:00 AM – 2:00 PM


Florida International University
Kovens Conference Center
3000 N.E. 151st Street
North Miami, FL 33181-3000

8:15 AM–9:00 AM    Welcome Breakfast and Registration
9:10 AM–9:15 AM    Welcome and Introduction by Angel Diaz, Vice President of Cloud Architecture & Technology
9:15 AM–9:35 AM    IBM Speaker: Sheila Shattuck, Global Hybrid Cloud Business Unit Executive
9:35 AM–10:15 AM    Guest Speaker: Joe Weinman, Author of Cloudonomics and Digital Disciplines
10:15 AM–10:30 AM    Break
10:30 AM–10:50 AM    Guest Speaker: Mark Wyllie, CEO, Flagship Solutions Group
10:50 AM–11:50 AM    Demo: DevOps/IBM UrbanCode™, IBM WebSphere®, IBM Cloud Matrix, SoftLayer®, and IBM Blue Box®
11:50 AM–2:00 PM    Lunch and Book Signing with Joe Weinman


Come learn how your organization can perform without limits on IBM Cloud to help enable you to target new markets and achieve extraordinary results in a manner you never imagined. With IBM Cloud at the center of your technological universe, you can power innovation and build your enterprise.

This event is open to the public and can be shared with others.
For more information, contact IBM representative Valerie Nifora at

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