As you are most likely aware, Hurricane Matthew is heading toward the US, slowly but surely. While at this point we don’t know its exact location for sure, it will have some impact on the East Coast (and possibly the West Coast of Florida).

Flagship operates out of 8 different data centers across the US, so we have the ability to assist both inside and outside of Florida. For our resiliency services customers, please be assured that we have looked at your backups and ensured they are protected.

You can trust Flagship and IBM resiliency professionals, with our time-tested methodologies and industry-leading cloud capabilities to help you maintain continuous business operations and improve overall resiliency. Rest assured knowing that we have your best interests at heart:

  • 100% success in meeting commitments to clients who have declared a disaster
  • Over 50 years of business continuity and disaster recovery experience
  • More than 6,000 resiliency professionals, backed by over 400,000 IBM employees and Business Partners
  • More than 330 resiliency centers in 68 countries

Most of all we encourage everyone to make sure they and their family are safe during this unsettling time. Please let us know if we can help.


Mark Wyllie
CEO, Flagship Solutions Group

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Business Resiliency

Business resiliency is is unsung hero of an organization. In the absence of robust business continuity management (BCM) and communications, disruptions can expose your organization to considerable risk. While many organizations have deployed BCM plans, they can often be ineffective and too rudimentary to keep disasters away.With the IBM Disaster Recovery as a Service offering, your organization can implement an integrated BCM strategy that leverages advanced technologies and a robust testing program and learn to master disaster recovery.  

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