While it is easy to spin up servers and storage in the cloud, how can you be assured of where your data resides and the level of performance you will receive? Many cloud providers have multiple data centers spread around the world. When you receive your server and/or storage it might not be in a location that meets your regulatory compliance needs. And while you have a choice of performance levels, how expensive does that storage become both as your capacity and performance needs grow?

There is an alternative. IBM Bluemix allows you the ability to choose the location of your servers and storage from datacenters around the world. Not only that, but when you combine software defined storage capabilities with a product like SANsymphony, you can get best in class performance in your cloud environment.

Not only can you get high performance for those NOSQL or even SQL databases, but you can provide a complete backup, high availability and disaster recovery capability. The desire to have three copies of the data with one copy at a second location is easily accomplished with SANsymphony and IBM Bluemix. You simply choose the primary and secondary copies to be in one data center and your third copy to be in a different data center. Your applications can have both performance and availability.  Now, there is nothing stopping you from having your cloud cake and eating it too!

Flagship is both an IBM Bluemix and Datacore Software partner. We can bring our expertise in infrastructure solutions to help you determine whether software defined storage or the cloud provides business value to your company.

Contact us so we can provide you with a free assessment to determine which storage solutions is best for your business environment.

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