On the heals of winning IBM’s most prestigious Business Partner Award, IBM’s Beacon Award in the Cloud Computing category, Flagship Solutions Group is pleased to announce they have received Tivoli’s top honors by being Awarded the 2012 Business Partner Innovation Award.  Last year, Flagship was the only IBM Business Partner to be a finalist for both the Beacon Award and the Tivoli Award.  This year Flagship is the only IBM Business Partner to take top honors in both award competitions.

Innovate today for a smarter tomorrow. This award recognizes a visionary Business Partner who is leading the charge to manage the world’s infrastructure with IBM Tivoli capabilities and solutions in innovative, leading-edge, exciting ways. Flagship’s solution encompasses solving the problems of today’s IT market using creative methods, becoming a driver in tomorrow’s new markets, fostering new innovation and cutting edge solutions.

According to Mark Wyllie, CEO of Flagship, “The IBM Tivoli Awards recognize the Business Partners who are leading the way in delivering business value to clients through innovative solutions and technical excellence.  We are proud to receive this award.”