If you’ve been in the workforce for more than 20 years, you probably remember the days when your IT help desk person manually installed updates. He or she went computer to computer through the office installing the software update. Needless to say, this was an extremely time consuming, production-killing, and costly process. Aren’t you glad those days are long gone? With today’s technology, a few clicks on the key board and your software update can be initiated. Click, click, done.

Most organizations have a diverse mix of devices – desktops, laptops, servers, point-of sale devices and more – connecting to its corporate network. Managing all of those endpoints is a full-time job. Endpoint management involves asset discovery, monitoring, patching, software updates, and operating system deployment for every device connected to your network. And you probably have numerous operating systems and software that only add to the complexity. It can also be very difficult to keep up with the changing needs of regulatory and IT standards compliance, such as security compliance, license compliance, and audits, not to mention protecting these endpoints from security breaches and cyber threats.

What is your endpoint management strategy?

Flagship Solutions Group recommends IBM BigFix for comprehensive endpoint management. BigFix includes discovery and patching, lifecycle management, and software compliance and usage.

Discovery and Patching

This feature may be the most important to you. Without continuous monitoring and patch management, your infrastructure is vulnerable. Viruses, worms and malicious code target known vulnerabilities on unpatched systems, resulting in system failure, downtime, data breach and expense.

With IBM BigFix Patch you have an automated patch management process and real-time visibility to every endpoint. BigFix discovers and reports on every endpoint and continuously installs patches, all from a single management console. It supports more than 90 different operating systems and versions, compressing patch cycle times to minutes or hours. Manufacturers send out patches frequently, but if you don’t have the bandwidth or capability to quickly install the patch across your network, you are at great risk.

Lifecycle Management

As its name implies, BigFix Lifecycle gives you the big picture of your endpoints. With this end-to-end endpoint management solution you can manage all of your devices regardless of location, connection type or status from a single management server up to 250,000 endpoints.

BigFix Lifecycle streamlines asset discovery, software distribution, and power management. It also provides the critical capability to manage and secure servers – whether they are physical, virtual or remotely located. You can reduce complexity and costs with BigFix automation of your patch updates, software deployments, operating system migrations, etc.

Software Compliance and Usage

Do you have what you think you have? Organizations of all sizes need a consolidated, comprehensive view of the software they’ve deployed to ensure audit compliance and to manage costs. BigFix Inventory continuously monitors your network and identifies the software that is installed in your organization and how it is being used – improving your audit position while helping keep your data secure. It discovers all licensed and unlicensed software across all supported operating systems. Also, as a result of BigFix inventory monitoring, any unused software is identified.

Managing your endpoint strategy

So, is “click, click, done” a possibility for your endpoint management solution? Do you want a single console to manage all of your endpoints? Do you need a skilled partner to help you manage your endpoints?

Flagship and IBM can provide you with the assurance of a policy-driven global management solution that covers the management and monitoring of every laptop and desktop, as well as other devices in the organization. This allows you to operate your business in a secure and trusted environment, while giving you real time visibility and control to endpoints in the organization. With Flagship’s managed services, the benefits of BigFix can available to your business for a low monthly cost.

Schedule a consultation today to learn more about how Flagship and IBM BigFix can help you manage your business.

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