By Ed Turetzky

Cognitive Systems is the new name for the line of IBM POWER hardware servers running IBM I and AIX.  Cognitive also encompasses how computers can turn data into information, and includes the hot topics of machine learning and deep learning.

The Cognitive brand is focused on delivering value from the entire data chain – from traditional data analytics on standard SQL databases, to creating “trained” AI algorithms to deliver customer value. Throughout this chain, IBM works closely with open source tools like Hadoop, Spark and Python, while providing additional added value with support for IBM offerings.

The underlying technology for analytics that combine structured data from traditional “row and column” SQL databases and data warehouses with the unstructured data typically found in NoSQL databases is the open source tool, Spark.  However, setting up a simple Spark environment to explore the insights that integrating these data sources can provide can be a challenge.  You also typically need to add tools for different types of analysis, flows and visualization. To help you start on this journey, IBM has developed a Data Science Experience solution combining hardware, software, and IBM support.

When you deploy IBM Data Science Experience, the details of setting up a data cluster, installing Spark, and providing a user interface to access the full potential of turning your data into information are hidden within deployment scripts, making setup an easy experience.

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