By:  Angela Zuniga, Marketing Director, Flagship Solutions Group

The concept of data analytics is nothing new. Companies have long been running predictive data analysis to avoid parts or product shortages, as well as credit checks to assess the level of investment risk. Let’s take that concept and expand it to IT. Data analytics that focuses on IT infrastructure provides businesses the ability to predict IT system failures before they impact the bottom line, or even uncover potential money saving opportunities.

I am not suggesting a massive data mining effort, which exhausts your resources, requires extensive statistical expertise and captures the health of your business at one moment in time. What I am suggesting is something very different, something much simpler. What if the information you are seeking, the information that could make or break your business, could be delivered to you on an ongoing basis? There would be no need for you to hire someone, or acquire new skills in-house. What I’m talking about is a service engagement which includes customized dashboards that provide the precise information that you are most interested in seeing. These dashboards are then deciphered and managed by a team that can communicate the story they are depicting. Best of all, the information you see, is giving you real-time or very near real-time statistics. You are always seeing relevant information and in a way that makes it easier to understand.

Imagine going into your next meeting with executives or shareholders armed with this much power. You now have, not only the data, but an accurate, graphical way to explain the data, which may further support an initiative that you have been suggesting, or maybe it actually brings to light a brand new idea for improved efficiency.

The service capability that I have been referring to is called “Infralytics™” – (infrastructure + analytics). It was designed by Flagship Solutions Group to be heterogeneous, able to work with all of the most common platforms and vendors. Your analysis is not limited to just hardware either. This analysis can also include your private and hybrid cloud environments, virtualized infrastructures, software elements, networking systems and even a combination of all of the above… all in one dashboard. The possibilities are endless.

If your next question is, “We’ve been doing fine without this analysis, so why start now?” please read on.

The adoption of cloud and managed services (hosting/IT as a service), the hodgepodge of equipment that makes up data centers, mergers and acquisitions that bring together multiple IT departments and strategies, plus the never-ending, unprecedented amount of data rolling in from all different directions, make this time in IT especially complex. With technology ingrained in almost every aspect of an organization, CIO’s are now responsible for the over-all health of the business. It is more important than ever to stay ahead of the curve.

More advanced architectures and therefore more complexity is inevitable. It is vital to be able to understand the big picture, to predict disruptions and to uncover money-saving, or money-making opportunities as soon as possible. Equally vital, is the ability to communicate these opportunities to others so that action can be taken.

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