Data is growing rapidly while IT budgets are flat. Only 1 in 5 companies allocate more than half of their IT budget to new projects critical for business growth. To meet the needs of your businesses, you need storage that can fit much more data in the same space, vastly improve performance, ease storage management and slow storage growth. Here are seven things you may not know about how the IBM Storewize family can generate IT savings.

1. You can store 5 times more data in the same amount of space.
2. Allows you to enjoy 3 times the performance with as little as 5% capacity on flash.
3. Requires 47% less management effort.
4. The risk adjusted break-even point is 15 months.
5. ROI is 150% after 3 years.
6. Storewize is ranked #1 in Search Storage Midrange Disk Survey.
7. In October, 2013 IBM announced Storwize V5000, offering an option between the entry level IBM Storwize V3700 and the successful mid-range IBM Storwize V7000 products.